Outsourcing Services

IT StartUps – Entrepreneur Program

Start-ups in IT by aspiring entrepreneurs can be quite a difficult task in this immensely competitive market. We all know that a majority of the entrepreneurs start with limitations in investment capabilities and oblivious to the realities of a particular business. So how does a seed business grow and flourish to be a giant. It is only when you take care of the unknown right at the beginning and put your pennies at the right place and spend it wisely. In short, the lesser you consume financially and the greater information you can gather from experienced people, the brighter are your chances to make it big. Our aim in aiding start-ups is exactly that. We educate, share experiences, hand-hold and help in production and product support so that you reach a break-even at the earliest. Our support ranges from providing efficient man power to high end technical expertise at a fraction of the cost that one would have borne for having an On-shore infrastructure. We not only provide support in the technical domain and marketability but we also do joint ventures with start-up partners on a win-win basis. Just think of a scenario where can get off to a flying start with all the guidance and that too at a fraction of an investment. So if you are an amateur or a professional wanting to be an entrepreneur or a freelancer wanting to grow your business we are the right option for you. We help you do it and do it fast.

Remote Staffing

Companies worldwide are facing relentless competition from their peers and the smarter of the lot are always wanting to find means to lower their overhead costs and bring about easy scalability in their operations so that they can earn better margins for their future sustenance. Our development facility in India provides exactly the same opportunity to offshore companies to maintain their staff in a more cost effective location and that too while maintaining the ease of operations. While curtailing overheads is a major reason to cross boundaries, we assure our clients that they get equally competent and technically efficient staff so that the quality of work produced is of equally high standards.